Magic: the Gathering - Beginner Event - Learn to play!

Data adaugarii: 2016-12-21


The perfect opportunity to try Magic: the Gathering

First time? Then it's 100% FREE to participate!

- Free Cards that will be yours!
- Lesson in deck building
- Play a mini-tournament and win a Booster Pack!
- Learn to play
- Tips and tricks

A special event for new players and beginners.
Start your collection of Magic cards and learn the game in no time!

Participation fee: 10 Ron
Starting time: 19:00 sharp

17:00 - Venue open
18:30 - Instructions for new players (recommended if its your first time)
19:00 - Receive many cards + Deck building class
19:45 - Tournament round 1
20:40 - Tournament round 2
21:35 - Tournament round 3
22:30 - End event

Reservations: Phone (Club-0265-311600)

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